Miniatures of DOS applications running in a vDos window.
Click one for larger screenshots. The window can be set at many sizes, as long the text is readable (a minimal font size is enforced), and it fits the Windows desktop (maximum font size). Note: The screenshots may be not that crisp due to scaling.
Control a remote DOS application in your browser.
It’s not that straightforward to present adequate examples of DOS apps running in vDos. I can hardly publish one with actual/real data.
The 'webserver' (powered by Winflector) running vDos is a modest 64-bit Windows 11 laptop, and mostly asleep. Certainly no local PC: Startup and Exit take a few seconds. Screen updates can lag behind a bit, though they then always do with web applications.
The apps run live, so someone before you might have messed things up. The initial setup is only daily restored.
The window decorations are created by Winflector, and somewhat old fashioned (XP styled).
Web applications have a common handicap: Local printing. Didn't want to go into the trouble: You can’t print.
Initial:  What you get installing vDos.
Alpha4: Relational database management system.
Clarion: IDE of this 4GL DBMS.
FiAd:     Ancient accounting program of my own. Of little use w/o data, worse if you don’t speak Dutch…
FoxPro: Interactive FoxPro Demo program. Pretty awesome this was all done in FoxPro itself.
WP 6.2: WordPerfect with extended graphics mode.
Some YouTube video’s.
Performance of vDos vs DOSBox vs dbDOSv  |  How to Use vDOS to Run old DOS...  |  Use case of a FoxPro program