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That probably doesn’t help; The application could be developed by yourself, a company not supporting it anymore, or out of business for years. Despite of Windows versions/alternatives, you may still prefer, even forced, using it for various reasons and time to come.

One option is to install a virtual Windows 32-bit system. The setup can be daunting, and to “only” run that DOS application, its use overkill and cumbersome. DOSBox is a popular alternative, but mainly intended for gaming.

vDos emulates a DOS PC in Windows 32 or 64-bit systems, XP up to and including Windows 10. If you however don’t already use (rely on) a DOS application, want to play with DOS (or its games); forget about vDos!

Some vDos highlights:

vDos is a Windows program to conveniently run DOS applications in all current Windows versions.

Windows 32-bit included NTVDM, to some extend also facilitating DOS programs to run. PC’s now come with Windows 10 64-bit installed, mostly without an option to downgrade to Windows 32-bit. Starting a DOS program will display a popup it can’t run…

vDos by JHM Schaars - Zevenaar - The Netherlands - COC Arnhem 09103086

…Microsoft dropped 16-bit support (DOS is 16-bit) in Windows 64-bit, not just recently with Windows 10!

“To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher.”