Installation programs and source code packages prior to version 2015.11.01 can be downloaded at SourceForge.
Installation program 2015.11.01 or 2016.06.01
Source code package (VS 2010) 2015.11.01
Source code package (VS 2015) 2016.06.01 or 2016.10.01
Most of who downloaded the sources in the past (some 25% did), enter the home page, go directly to the download page. Get the sources, then eventually the installation program and exit the site. All well under 10 seconds, so nothing can be read. It seems the source code (and vDos itself) was downloaded just because they could, without knowing what it is actually good for.

To stop that annoying behavior, you now have to make a donation of at least € 0.27, and specify what copy you want (only one per donation). I will then be notified of receiving € 0.01/0.02, and send you the requested copy. This policy has proven real effective: The month before a donation was required, the sources were downloaded 272 times. Since then on average requested less than once a month!
For later versions you can request a copy of: